3 Steps To Turn Enquiries Into Viewings

Presentation, photography and everything that goes into making sure you have the most enticing property advert possible will all be for nothing if enquires from buyers aren’t then dealt with effectively. It’s an often-overlooked part of the process but turning those enquires into anticipated viewings from committed buyers is critical to making sure you sell for the best possible price.


Whether buyers make contact through phone or email it is vital that their enquiry is answered quickly. Incredibly Rightmove statistics show that it takes the average estate agent 46 hours to respond to an email enquiry. If you’re looking to buy you have probably experienced this type of delay yourself and will know how frustrating it can be. Many buyer’s will enquire on a number of properties so the danger in waiting too long to reply is that by the time they receive a response they can barely remember the property they had enquired on. The phrase ‘strike while the iron is hot’ is apt here as if they were to receive a reply within minutes of sending the email this would very likely lead to a booked viewing.

Just as important is to make sure that phone calls from buyers are actually answered rather than going through to voicemail. Statistics show that the majority of people won’t leave a message and the problem is that some of those may not then phone back. Estate agency can be busy with staff going in and out on appointments so during busy times phone calls can be missed and you never know the value of that missed call.

Responding quickly to buyer enquires is really important and the reason why at AKS Residential we have taken steps to ensure that all email enquiries are answered within one working hour. We also have a backup support team so that our phones are answered professionally 24 hours a day 7 days a week ensuring we never miss out on any interest for our customers properties.


Being enthusiastic and mentioning some of a property’s best features when talking to buyers will really encourage them to book a viewing. Even if they were likely to book a viewing anyway this should leave them feeling even more positively towards your property building the anticipation and meaning there is less chance of them later cancelling.

Talking the property up and mentioning other interest (assuming there has been some!) also helps set expectations from the outset. If buyers know they are one of a number of people who have enquired they are more likely to view the property in the right frame of mind, be prepared to make a decision and put a stronger initial offer forward. If you are either thinking of selling or already on the market then put your estate agent to the test and phone up posing as a potential buyer to see how enthusiastic and helpful they are.


The final key step is for enquires to be answered by someone with knowledge of the property. If buyers have basic questions about either the local area or the property itself it is much better if these can be answered on the initial call and a viewing booked rather than having to check and get back to them. For this reason, I’ve always considered it important for everyone in the team who is likely to speak to buyers to have actually visited every property so they can speak from first-hand experience. It never looks good to tell a buyer how great a particular property is and how much you recommend they view it only to have to admit when asked that you haven’t actually seen it yourself!

If the above 3 steps are followed then you can be sure that no stone will be left unturned and that every possible enquiry will be turned into a serious viewing. The only way you can be confident in selling for the very best possible price is for every enquiry to be professionally answered to this standard.