4 Signs It’s Time To Change Agent

Deciding to sell your home is clearly not something you do lightly. Before putting your property onto the market you’ve probably thought about it for some time, carefully selected the estate agent you were going to use and then sat back confident that you would sell quickly. Being sat on the market when you want to move is very frustrating and you naturally wonder whether the problem lies with the market conditions or whether or not you need a new estate agent.  Below are 4 signs it could be time for you to change your estate agent:

Lack of Communication

When you first put your property onto the market with them you probably got lots of calls booking viewings and giving you feedback. If the phone calls have started to dry up and you find yourself having to phone them rather than the other way around then it could be a sign that your property has started to be forgotten. When it was first on the market the estate agent was probably full of enthusiasm and confident that they would be able to sell it. It may be that they have now moved on to their next new property and have started to lose interest in your home.

Tired Photos

It’s really important that your property stays fresh as if it has been on the market for some time then it can start to look stale and buyers may discard it without even bothering to go and view it. A classic sign of this is where the photos are clearly out of date and look to have been taken in a different season. This is a really obvious sign to buyers that your property has been on the market for some time without selling and is therefore damaging to your home’s value.  Even if the photos are still in date it is definitely worth rotating the order of the pictures and changing the main photo as this will freshen up your advert and might mean your home catches the attention of a buyer who may otherwise have ignored it. If your estate agent hasn’t suggested anything in this respect and haven’t made any alterations to your advert than this is a definite signal that you should consider making a change.

Viewings Have Dried Up

A crucial part of an estate agents job is to give you feedback on viewings and equally as importantly keep you updated with the enquires they are receiving and the potential reason behind a shortage of viewings. If you find that the viewings on your property have dried up and your estate agent is not offering credible reasons for this or suggesting a plan to generate more interest than you should probably consider your options.  Continuing in the same vein without making changes isn’t so much a strategy as just hoping for your luck to change. In this situation it is at least advisable to speak to some other agents and get their opinion on any changes you might need to make.


Confidence is probably the most important reason on this list. When you chose your estate agent you were confident that they were the very best person to sell your home. This is crucial given that they are advising you on the sale of what is most likely your biggest asset. You need to feel that they are still the best possible person to sell your home so that if they advise that you need a price reduction or suggest that an offer is something you should accept you can feel confident in their suggestions. If you have lost confidence in your estate agent than it is a definite sign that it’s time for you to find another one.

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