4 Ways to Choose Which Estate Agents to Call

Most people will want to get their property valued by 2 or 3 estate agents before making a choice on who they want to use. But how do you decide which estate agents to invite round in the first place? Read below to see our advice on 4 key things to look at to help you choose;

Track Record
Have a look in your local area to see which estate agents are advertising and selling properties similar to yours. If they have recently sold something similar than they are going to know exactly what demand your property is likely to receive and the likely value and length of time it will take to sell. However, whilst this is a great starting point its far from the only factor you should consider.

Quality of Marketing
One of the most important part of your estate agents job will be presenting your property as well as possible to attract maximum interest. With this in mind do some research online and look at the quality of photos, floor-plans, descriptions, brochures and videos different estate agents are using. This will give you an idea of what to expect were they to market your property and there can be huge variations in the level of time and expense estate agents will be prepared to put into getting the advertising of your property right. This is crucial as the right marketing will help you sell your property quicker and for a better price.

Very few estate agents will claim to offer anything other than an excellent service if you read their websites. What’s far more important is to find out what their actual customers think so if you know someone who has sold a property in the area recently they should be able to give you a genuine view as to the level of service they received. Instead of or in addition to this looking at reviews that customers are leaving online is really useful and shows you what an estate agents actual customers think of their service. There are lots of review websites with some having more question marks over their authenticity than others. I personally recommend looking on facebook reviews as they can’t be left anonymously and it isn’t possible for a business to remove a review they don’t like!

Personal Experience
Most people that are thinking of selling are often going to be buying a property as well. If you are looking to buy within the local area than you will already be speaking to different estate agents about properties and experiencing their service from the perspective of a buyer. The estate agent that is helpful, quick to respond to your enquiry and stays in regular contact is probably a good bet to consider using yourself. A good way of looking at it is to think of how pro-active you would like your estate agent to be and the sort of approach you would want them to have with buyers and chances are if they are offering you that service as a prospective buyer than they would do the same to other buyers if instructed to sell your property.

I hope you have found this useful and if you are currently thinking about selling a property in Derby or the surrounding areas then please do get in contact with us as we would love to have a chat about how we could help.

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