5 Reasons Your Estate Agent Should Do The Viewings

It’s definitely better all round for a professional estate agent to carry out the viewings rather than you show the buyers around yourself.  Read on to find out our 5 top reasons why:

Making Themselves at Home

When they are looking around you really want the buyers to be picturing themselves living there and imagining what they would do to the house. This is a lot easier to achieve if you aren’t there yourself as they will be able to wander around more freely and will also be more comfortable talking about any changes they would want to make without fear of causing offence!

Gauge Their Interest

Estate agents show people around houses every day so (if they are any good!)  are better placed to get a feel for how interested the viewers might be. Buyers will often be more open with an estate agent as well so whereas they may tell the homeowner they really like the property to be polite, they will normally tell the agent what they really think.  The estate agent will then have a good sense of their level of interest and how much follow up there needs to be with each particular buyer and should things progress to an offer will also have a good idea about how committed they are to the property.

Don’t Mention the P Word!

The most important part of your estate agent’s job is to negotiate the best possible price for your property so you want to avoid having a direct conversation about price with your viewers at all costs. Some viewers will be a bit cheeky and ask what you would accept or what you are looking for and you really don’t want to be put on the spot like this. By having your estate agent do the viewings for you this conversation is avoided all together and your estate agent can get on with what they do best which is ensure they get the best possible offer for your home!

No Small Talk

Turning up on a stranger’s doorstep to look around their home can for many be a bit uncomfortable so most buyers would prefer an estate agent to show them round. You often find that when a seller is showing people round themselves that both parties have a bit of a chat and generally make conversation to try and be polite. However you really want the viewer’s full focus to be on your home and for them to spend their time looking at this rather than talking to you. With your estate agent showing the buyers around this will mean that their full attention will be on your property and thinking about how this could work for them.

You’re Paying For It

Along with making sure you get the best possible price with your property one of the main benefits of using a local full-service estate agent is that they will do the work for you rather than opting for more of a DIY approach offered by an online agent. It’s your estate agents job to sell the property for you so let them get on with doing this and instead relax or spend your time searching and planning for the new home that you want to move to.

Many estate agents say that they offer accompanied viewings but then ask the owners to carry out many of the viewings themselves. At AKS Residential we look after every single viewing personally including evening and weekend viewings.

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