5 Things To Look Out For On Viewings

Looking to buy a property is exciting it’s so important to get the most out of a viewing so that you end up finding the right home for you. We’ve left aside aspects like the structure that will be in the hands of your surveyor and put together our advice for 5 key things to look for during the viewing. 

The Area

Location, Location, Location. There are all sorts of improvements and changes you can make to a house but you can’t move it so you need to know that you are going to be happy living in the area! Even if you think you know an area pretty well you should still look closely at road and immediate area from the property. What do the neighbours seem like, how busy is it, what’s parking like etc. Visiting at a few different days and times will give you a much better overall impression of what the area is like and whether or not you would enjoy living there.

The Space

It’s really easy to get distracted by the current owner’s furniture or decoration and not focus on the actual space of the property and how it would work for you. To get the most out of the viewing you need to look beyond the current owner’s personal taste, which for many buyers is easier said than done! My advice is to always take your time when looking around as your first impression will be heavily influenced by decor and furnishings and by spending a bit more time you will look beyond that and be able to more easily focus on whether or not the property may be able to work for you.

Other Interest

As well as looking at the property itself the viewing is also a good chance to get a sense of how much other interest there has been in the property. You may be booked in as part of a block viewing with people looking before and after you or it might appear as if there has been very little other interest in the property with not many other people viewing. One way to find out what other interest there has been is to just ask the question but you can also often tell when you are shown around by an over eager seller who looks as if they may not have had many viewings for a while! Knowing how much other interest there is will give you a good idea of how quickly the property is likely to sell and how negotiable the price might be.

General Condition

Looking closely at the general condition of the property is important to not only see what work you are going to need to do but it is also a good indicator as to how well the current owners have been looking after the property. If there are quite a few little jobs that have built up then it could well be a sign that the property hasn’t been well maintained and that further problems might be below the surface.

The Seller’s Situation

Whether you are being shown around by the seller or their estate agent you can still ask a few questions to establish what the current owner’s situation is. Whether they will be buying another property before moving and if so whether they have found anything yet or the sorts of questions you should be asking. This will give you a good idea of the sort of timescales you would be able to buy the property in if interested and will also give a bit of insight into how much negotiation there might be able to be on the price!

Finally whilst on the viewing and looking at the above points it’s a really good idea to make some notes. Especially when you are looking at a few properties on the same day you will find that when you think back the next day they all start to merge into one!

Thanks for reading and if you would like any advice on the Derby and surrounding area’s property market then please just give us a call as we are always happy to have a chat and help in any way we can.

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