5 Things You Need From Your Estate Agent

There is definitely no shortage of choice when it comes to estate agents. Derby alone has more than 50 so when it comes to selling your property you definitely have a few to choose from! Before deciding who to work with its worth considering what you are looking for from your estate agent. I’ve set out the 5 things I consider most important below;


There’s two parts to the marketing of your property; the way it is presented and then how widely it is advertised. Both of these are equally important to your property attracting interest from buyers. In terms of presentation the most important aspect is the quality of your photos as buyers will either book a viewing or dismiss the property on the basis of this alone. Floor-plans, glossy brochures and videos etc all also really help present your property in the best possible light and encourage viewings.

You need extensive advertising to ensure every potential buyer sees your property. Nearly all estate agents will be using Rightmove but will they also advertise your property on Zoopla & Primelocation? Products like Featured Property & Premium Listings on Rightmove are great at making properties stand out and generating more interest. Making sure your property is presented well and advertised widely is one of the most important roles of an estate agent so should really form part of your thinking when deciding who to choose.


Unfortunately this isn’t as easy to measure as marketing but is every bit as important a part of what you need from your agent. You’ll need an estate agent who will really work hard for you and follow up on every potential lead to make sure that the right buyer is found and the best price achieved. Answering enquires quickly, staying in regular contact with potential buyers and just generally bringing a bit of energy to the process really does make a difference in helping you to sell.


Given that they are entrusted with selling what is probably your biggest asset it is no surprise that negotiation is one of the most important things you need from your estate agent. Negotiation starts way before the buyer makes their first offer and the way their initial enquiry is handled all the way through to the viewing and subsequent follow ups all have a bearing on how much someone will be prepared to pay for a property. Good negotiating results in you receiving a higher price for your property than you would have done otherwise.

Good Advice

You need to be able to rely on your estate agent for good advice. There are so many important decisions involved in selling a property that you need to be able to rely on advice from an experienced professional you can trust. Deciding on the initial price, weighing up whether or not to accept an offer and in a worst case scenario looking at a potential price reduction are just a few of the key decisions you will need good advice from your estate agent to help you with. For this advice to be credible you need to feel your agent has your best interests at heart rather than their own, otherwise they may be advising you to accept an offer or make a price reduction so that they earn their fee quicker rather than on what is best for you.

Follow Through

Agreeing a sale is just the starting point as you then need it to go through to completion. A good estate agent will make sure they properly qualify offers at the start and check the details of any chain. This alone will greatly increase the chances of your sale going through first time. Beyond this staying in regular contact with all parties and using their experience to foresee and overcome potential problems will make the process of selling as smooth and easy as possible. This can be an often overlooked part of the service you receive from an estate agent but is one of the most important aspects of their service.  

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