Why Block Viewings Make Selling Less Stressful

Block viewings are similar to Open Homes but differ in that buyers are still booked in by appointment so they can view individually rather than having to look round at the same time as other people. To get the best results you wouldn’t normally do any viewings for a week or so in advance of the block viewing to let interest build and ensure you get as many potential buyers booked in on the day as possible. I like to use block viewings to sell properties for a number of reasons but one of the great benefits to sellers of using this approach is how much easier it makes things.


To sell at the best price you’ll need to make sure your house is looking at its very best during viewings. At the same time life carries on and it’s not exactly realistic for you to try and keep your property in show home condition whilst living in it! The beauty of block viewings is that you don’t have to as you only need to get everything ready once for the big day of viewings.

It is also a lot easier to justify spending plenty of time on making everything look as good as possible when you know you have a full day of viewings booked in. Putting the same amount of effort in for a one-off viewing booked for one evening probably doesn’t hold the same appeal.


When you receive a good offer, it can be a difficult deciding whether or not to accept it particularly if your property hasn’t been on the market for very long. Whatever price you end up selling for you want to know it was the best offer available at the time so you can confidently accept it without worrying about ‘what ifs’. If you receive an offer in the first couple of weeks of marketing than even if it’s a good offer if you have plenty of other viewings booked and yet to take place than you are in the position of either accepting it and wondering whether or not someone else may have offered more or trying to delay making a decision and risking the buyer getting fed up and withdrawing their offer.

The advantage of selling by block viewing is that you avoid this situation as the bulk of the interest will all come on the same day. If 10 people attend a block viewing and this results in 2 offers with the others saying it isn’t for them then you can be confident the best price will probably come from one of the two offering parties leaving you with an easier decision to make.


Price is just one factor to consider when considering offers and depending on your own situation the position of the purchaser could be every bit as important. You may have already found your ideal next home and need a buyer who can move ahead as quickly as possible or maybe you are still searching and need a purchaser that can afford to be patient. Either way receiving more interest at the same time from a block viewing allows you to be selective and opt for the buyer whose position suits you best.

As you can probably tell I’m definitely a fan of using this approach and for most properties this is the best strategy. Most people want the best possible price and as little disruption & hassle as possible and block viewings are great for delivering both of these things.

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