How To Prepare For Viewings In 15 Minutes

First impressions really matter when people are searching for the next home so putting the final touches to your property will help you sell quicker and achieve a better price. At the same time it’s very difficult to try and keep your home in a show home condition whilst living there, even more so if like me you have a young family! However with just 15 minutes of preparation you can make a big difference.

Lighting- Make sure your property looks as bright as possible by switching on every light and lamp before the buyers show up. It will make your home feel bigger and warmer.

Smells- Make sure there is a really nice welcoming smell to greet the buyers. The old cliché would be baking bread or making coffee which might be a bit obvious but some scented candles or diffusers should help give your property a great feel.

Clutter- Hopefully you have already had a big de-clutter before putting your property on the market but taking a few minutes to make sure everything is put away and out of sight will pay dividends by making your property look and feel much bigger.

Temperature If buyers feel uncomfortable on a viewing this will naturally effect how they think of your property. If you’re selling in the winter then make sure you house is cosy and warm and if you have one then get the fire going. Likewise in the summer open the windows (unless you live by a busy road!) to try and cool your home down.

CleaningWithin your 15 minutes of preparation there should just about be enough time left to give the kitchen work surfaces a wipe-over and quickly run the hover round! Even just a quick clean really helps to show a property off at its best and makes it much more appealing to buyers.

So there you have it just a few simple steps and 15 minutes spent that will make your property look and feel that much better as potential buyers look round. A little bit of preparation will make all the difference to how long it takes you to find a buyer and how much you are able to sell for.

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