5 Reasons Why September is a Great Time to Sell

Lot’s of people decide to put their properties on the market during September. Below are 5 reasons why it’s a great time to sell your property.

Viewings are Easier!

For families with school aged children it is even more difficult than normal to try and keep your home tidy during the school holidays with the kids being off! Once the children are back at school the prospect of having to get your house ready for a couple of evening viewings doesn’t seem quite as daunting!

Christmas is coming!!

It feels wrong to even mention Christmas in September but it’s true that it’s starting to appear on the horizon! If you want to be in your new home by Christmas (and many people do) then September is the time to start trying to sell your own.

Primary School Applications

If you live in the catchment area for a good primary school then September is a great time to sell. In Derby the deadline for primary school applications is in mid January so there are plenty of young families trying to move to the catchment area for their preferred schools during September. With those buyers looking to move during a relatively tight window you have a very good chance of being able to secure a premium price.

Holidays are Over

Many people spend much of the school holiday period either preparing for, being on or recovering from their holiday! Plans tend to get put on hold and the start of the new school year brings a renewed focus prompting many people to go ahead and move.

More Choice

As more properties come onto the market during September you will have more choice for your purchase. This gives you a better chance of finding your ideal next home, just make sure your current property is on the market so you don’t risk missing out.

If you’d like to find out more about sort of interest you can expect for your property and to have a chat about whether this is the right time for you to move then either give me a call on 01332 30 30 30 or email me to andrew@aksresidential.com.