Should I Use An Online Agent?

The short answer is if you believe your house will definitely sell easily, that an estate agent would have no influence over the sale price and you are happy to take on a lot of the work yourself then an online agent might well be a good choice for you. However my experience over more than 13 years of selling properties is that a good estate agent should be able to add at the very least 2% more than an average agent to the price you sell at.

One of the most important things to remember is that with an online agent even with a deferred payment option you will still need to pay their fee whether they manage to sell it or not whereas full service estate agents will mostly operate on the basis of no sale/no fee. At AKS Residential we invest significant amounts of money in marketing our customer’s properties but only receive payment once the property has actually completed at a price our customer is happy with. This has always struck me as being fair as the customer only pays once the job has been successfully completed. The idea of paying the whole cost upfront concerns me from the perspective of there not being sufficient motivation for the online agent to work to achieve a sale and their interests not being aligned with their customers in the way that a full service agents are.

I would always recommend using the estate agent that you feel will be the most capable at negotiating on your behalf to help you get the best price. The important number is the ‘walkaway’ figure- the amount you are left with after the sale completes and your estate agent has been paid. A good estate agent worth their fee will more than offset the difference in the additional amount they charge over an online option by getting you more money for your property.

Beyond price the process of selling becomes a lot easier when you have someone carrying out the viewings for you, progressing a sale after an offer is accepted and generally keeping you fully up to date every step of the way. Having a local full service estate agent offering you a personal service will remove a lot of the hassle and stress that could otherwise come with selling your home. 

Having an online only option is in some ways good for customer choice and means that there is no reason to consider using an average estate agent. Estate agents have to raise their game to justify their fees and if they can’t demonstrate a clear strategy and process for achieving the best possible outcome for you than they don’t deserve your business.   

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