What Eeyore and Tigger Have Got To Do With Estate Agency.

You might have seen from our recent social media post that we have just bought ourselves Eeyore and Tigger soft toys for the office! This isn’t because we have any closet huge Winnnie the Pooh fans in the office (that I am aware of anyway but you never know Ben might love them!) but more as a result of a training session that we had last week.

The topic of the training was around Mindset & Attitude and how they shape everything we do, which ultimately determines the results we achieve for our customers. For part of the training we were looking at the contrasting attitudes of Eeyore and Tigger and what they might look like as estate agents!

If Eeyore was an estate agent he would probably turn up for work barely on time or late moaning about the traffic and the weather. He’d sit in the morning meeting moaning about how tough the market is and how no-one is going to buy because of Brexit/Elections/school holidays/weather/any other excuse he could think of at the time. He’d head out to his viewing appointments certain they would be a waste of time as the buyers wouldn’t be interested in these properties anyway. He’d grunt hello and open the door letting the buyers make their own way around and not bothering to let them know any of the key details about the property as if they were interested they would ask. Back at the office he certainly wouldn’t bother phoning to follow up on previous viewings or staying in touch with registered buyers as surely if people were interested then they would call him anyway!

Whereas Tigger on the other hand would come bouncing into the office bright and early really excited about the day ahead. Listening to details of new properties coming onto the market in the morning meeting he’d be thinking of different people he’d spoken to recently who might want to buy them.  He’d turn up for viewings full of smiles and enthusiasm for the great house he was about to show the buyers around and would tell them all about it and what he loved about the area. Back at the office he’d be constantly on the phone talking to people and trying to help find them the perfect properties and would be unfazed by any set-backs.

I don’t think there is any doubt that Tigger would sell far more houses than Eeyore and that buyers and sellers alike would have a much better experience moving home with him! I like to think we have a team full of Tiggers anyway but it doesn’t hurt to have a reminder about the best way of approaching things which our new soft toys will help with. Whoever has been the most enthusiastic and positive the day before will have Tigger sitting on their desk and if someone has been a bit negative they will have earned the Eeyore. Hopefully given the start to the year we have had the Eeyore will mostly stay on the shelf gathering dust!

Thanks for reading and if I’m wrong on some of the details than bear in mind this is being written by someone who hasn’t seen Winnie the Pooh in more than 20 years!