Why Market Your Home in December?

As you read this you are probably thinking about your plans for Christmas and presents that you need to buy. However if you are planning to move in early 2017 then December is actually a fantastic time of year to put your property onto the market and I’ve set out the 3 top reasons why below.

More People Looking

Last year Rightmove’s busiest period was from Boxing Day through to New Year’s Eve with record numbers of people searching for properties on the website. Whilst people aren’t necessarily going out to view properties they are using their time off to look at what’s available and compile a shortlist of properties to look at in the New Year.

This is why if you want to move in the first half of 2017 then you should put your property on the market prior to Christmas to benefit from all the additional people looking over the holiday period and to head into January with a number of people already wanting to arrange viewings.   

Less Competition

December is normally the quietest time of the year for new properties to be put onto the market with many people being pre-occupied with Christmas plans, having a mistaken belief that there isn’t much happening at this time of year and that they might as well wait until January. This means that with less properties coming onto the market it is even easier for your property to stand out and profit from the record numbers of people that will be looking on the property websites.

If you are selling your own property in order to buy elsewhere then this will really work in your favour as you will get a head-start on most of the market as coming into January your property will already be getting viewings meaning you can secure a buyer and be in a good position to move ahead with any properties that come on which you are interested in for yourself.    

Our Fantastic Offer

To make what is already a good time to sell even better we are offering 50% off of our selling fees to all customers during the month of December. Our comprehensive marketing package is designed to make the most of the increased interest over the holiday period and ensure that your property is seen by more potential buyers.

As part of our package we are also including an upgrade to our Enhanced Marketing Pack which comes with a Premium Listing on Rightmove and a Property Video. Dependent on your preferences we can also launch your property just prior to Christmas but not start viewings until January allowing us to build up a number of potential buyers and then have either a block viewing or Open Day early in January. Of course it’s really important to have up to date photos so we will also re-visit your property once your Christmas decorations have come down to take a fresh set of photographs.

If you are thinking of moving early next year then take advantage of this great offer with additional exposure over the Christmas period and arrange for us to come and visit you to provide you with a valuation. To discuss this further please fill in your details here