Why You need a ‘For Sale’ Board

People searching for their next home no longer pore through the property section of their local newspaper or traipse up and down the High Street visiting Estate Agents. The internet has changed everything and meant that most people’s search starts on either Rightmove or Zoopla from the comfort of their own living room. Given this you may question whether you still need to have a ‘For Sale’ board or whether Estate Agents only want them to promote themselves! You might consider us biased but the truth is that even in the digital age we live in a ‘For Sale’ board can still be a really useful tool in helping to find a buyer.

Friends and family visiting your neighbours will see the board and know your property is for sale. One of your neighbours may well have an elderley relative or a grown up child that wants to live near them. Your property would therefore be in the perfect location and without a ‘For Sale’ board they may never have even known you were selling.

A board also makes it easier for buyers to find your property when they turn up for a viewing. Picture two buyers, one arrives on time finding your property easily whilst the other drives past and ends up being late and needs to rush around before heading off to their next viewing. The first buyer will be in a better frame of mind and much more likely to view your property positively.

Most people that are thinking about moving to an area will drive around to try and get a feel for it. If they see your board and already like the location then they will definitely want to find out more. Many buyers will look around the area and when they see boards outside houses they like, will use the Rightmove or Zoopla app on their phones to immediately look up the details. There may be someone looking for a four bedroom house who wouldn’t have seen your spacious three bed in their online searching. Your house might be in their perfect location and it would only be spotting the board as they drove past that would bring it to their attention.

Whilst the majority of our enquires come from our extensive online advertising we do receive phone calls every day from buyers enquiring about properties where they have seen our board. To get the best possible price you need to get as much exposure for your property as possible and a ‘For Sale’ board definitely still has a part to play in this.

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