Selective Licencing Extension in Burton?

East Staffordshire Borough Council is proposing to extend it’s Selective Licensing Scheme to incorporate streets that have the highest amount of complaints about housing conditions.

It is proposed to designate five Streets which are shown within the table below:

Current Selective Licensing

Currently, the Council’s Selective Licensing Scheme requires all landlords who privately rent out properties in a designated area within the Anglesey ward to obtain a licence from the council. The scheme came into effect in 2017 and lasts for 5 years.

The scheme aims to improve housing conditions in private rented properties as well as the health of tenants by ensuring that all properties within the designated area are managed to a satisfactory standard and are safe and free from serious hazards prior to a licence being granted.

In order to become a licence holder a landlord must be a fit and proper person and must declare certain convictions or breaches of certain laws.

A landlord has to meet a certain standard before they can legally rent out a property, this includes showing basic safety checks have been carried out and that they have appropriate management arrangements in place.

An agent cannot be a licence holder – it must be in the name of the legal owner of the property.

Extension Consultation

The council want to hear from as many residents, landlords, agents, businesses and organisations as possible. A proposal document has been developed which explains the background evidence to support the introduction of selective licensing, the details of the scheme and how it would work in practice.

The full proposal is available online at

The consultation is available from Monday 20th January 2020 for 10 weeks and will close on Monday 30th March 2020. Following the consultation the council will consider all responses received together with any other relevant information.

If you have any questions about the proposal you may contact the Council by phone on 01283 508578 or email

Landlords Public Open Evening

The Council have arranged an open evening specifically for landlords:

Landlords Public Open Evening

Wednesday 4th March 2020   5pm – 8pm

Dove Room , Town Hall, Burton upon Trent, DE14 2EB

How we can help…

If you are a landlord and do own property on one of the streets identified for possible selective licensing, please give James or Simon a call on 01332 300172.