10 Tips To Help You Sell Your Home For More

Read below our 10 top tips to help you get the best possible price when selling your home;

Accompanied Viewings Make sure your estate agent does the viewings for you. Buyers are generally more open with their thoughts when an agent is showing them around and a good estate agent will be able to gauge their levels of interest.

The Right Price Setting a high asking price doesn’t necessarily help you sell for more money and can actually harm your chances of getting the best price. A better strategy is to put the property on for a price that will encourage lots of interest as creating competition between buyers is the best way of achieving a premium price for your property.

Clean & Tidy- Keeping your property clean and tidy for all viewings really does make a difference. If there is lots of clutter it gives the impression that the property is lacking storage space so keeping everything tidied away and clean will make the property view that much better.

Excellent Photos- Many buyers will either rule the property out or decide to book a viewing based purely on the advert they see on a property website and the photos are the most important factor in this. All estate agents should have SLR cameras with good lenses, some will further edit the photos to improve the lighting but better still is if you can get your property photographed by a professional photographer. The better your home looks in the pictures the more viewings you will receive and even after the viewing it will be the pictures in the brochure that the buyers are referring back to.  

The Right Agent- The estate agent you choose to work with is the most important factor in how much you end up selling for, how long it takes and how easy the whole process of selling your home is. A good estate agent will be able to negotiate you a significantly better price for your home than an average one would.

Fix the small things- To pay top money buyers need to feel that your house has been well maintained so that there aren’t any large unexpected repair bills on the horizon. Taking care of any outstanding jobs, re-grouting the tiles and filling any holes in the walls will all help. When you have been living somewhere for a while it can be easy to almost not notice any small areas that need improvement so it might be an idea to ask a friend to cast a critical eye over it for you and give you their honest opinion.

Have a Board- Even with all the technology available today, boards are still a helpful tool in selling a house. Many buyers will drive around to get to know an area and will notice the board and phone to enquire. A board is also helpful on viewings as it helps buyers find the right property!

No Pressure- It’s very difficult to negotiate from a position of strength and get the best price if you already have your heart set on your next home and need to quickly find a buyer for your property to avoid missing out. A better idea is to put your home on the market and find a buyer before starting to seriously look for your next home.

Give Your Agent a Key- Your estate agent should be doing the viewings anyway but if they have a key this will also mean you don’t miss out on any last minute viewing opportunities. You never know the out of area buyer who has travelled up for a day of viewings and spots your board as they are driving around might just go on to buy your property if they are able to view it.   

Dress the Property- Taking some time over the presentation of the property will really help convert viewings into offers. Small touches like nice hand soaps in the bathroom, a laid dining table, new towels and a nicely made bed with cushions can all help make your property more appealing. Considering the layout of your furniture and arranging things to give the greatest feeling of space will also really help.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have found this useful. For more tips and advice read our E-Book ‘How to Sell you Derby Home Quicker, Easier & For More’. Just click here for your free copy. 

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