4 Things To Do If You Aren’t Getting More Viewings

It goes without saying that you are aren’t going to be able to sell your house if you haven’t got anyone looking at it! Maybe you were getting plenty of viewings when you first put your home on the market and things have now gone quiet. Below are our top 4 tips on what to do to get more buyers through your door.

Change Your Advert

A property can easily become stale once it has been on the market for a while. Buyers will have noticed it before and will now just look past it. Changing the advert by using a different photo as your main image, changing the order of the photos and re-writing parts of the description is a great way to make sure your property gets more attention.

Changing the advert will help but making big improvements would obviously be even better. Given that buyers are searching online it is essential to have the best possible photos as people will often decide whether to book a viewing or not based just on the pictures. With pictures being so crucial it is worth investing in a professional photographer to make sure your property is looking its absolute best. Speak to your estate agent about this and if they aren’t prepared to arrange this for you then I would even recommend you invest in this yourself. Alternatively speak to us as we always use a professional photographer at no upfront cost to our customers.

Review Your Pricing Strategy

I often see people making the mistake of making a small price reduction which won’t make any real difference to them selling their property. For example if your asking price is £250,000 than reducing to £245,000 won’t mean that you get anyone viewing it that wouldn’t have done so anyway. A good way of attracting interest is to change your pricing strategy, so instead of having an asking price you could use an ‘offers over’ approach or even a guide price. In this scenario you might instead change the price to offers over £240,000.

The point of reviewing your pricing strategy is to make sure you get your property seen by a different group of buyers. With this in mind consider the different price bands that people can search to on Rightmove and price accordingly. For example you can either search up to £240,000 or £250,000 so reducing the price to £245,000 wouldn’t make much difference.

Enhanced Marketing

There are a couple of options available with Rightmove that will mean many more buyers see your property. A Featured Property will make sure your property appears at the very top of a search and a Premium listing gives you a bigger advert with more pictures on the search results page. To get more viewings you not only need your advert to look better but you also need more people to see it. Many estate agents invest in these products so speak to your agent to make sure that they use them on your property!

You also want to make sure that you are giving yourself the best possible chance by utilising every marketing option possible. If you haven’t already got a For Sale board then it is definitely worth putting one up now as you never know who might see it.

Change Agent

Finally now might be a good time to consider changing estate agents. Provided that your initial contract period has expired then this is easily done by serving notice to your existing agent and deciding on and instructing a new agent.  If your estate agent was initially very enthusiastic but has seemed to lose a bit of interest and you find yourself calling them more than they ring you than bringing in another agency with a fresh approach may well be advisable.  The chances are that if your agent isn’t pro-active at ringing you then they probably aren’t too hot at staying in contact with potential buyers either! If you are considering this approach then interview a few different agents and focus most of your questions around what they are going to do differently to help you sell.

As always I hope you have found this useful and if you are in this position yourself and would like to get some impartial advice on your current marketing than please do give me a call on 01332 30 30 30. 

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