How Often Should You Inspect Your Rental Property

Whether you are managing your own property or a letting agent is doing it for you, how often should there be a property inspection? Inspect too frequently and you risk souring the relationship with your tenants and having to find new ones whereas don’t carry them out often enough and you may miss some potentially serious problems which could have otherwise been picked up on.

The first point to make is that you do definitely need to make sure that inspections take place even if you feel the tenancy is going well and there are no obvious problems. It is very easy to receive the rent on time each month, not hear much from the tenant and just think this Landlord business is easy and not do anything else! Over the years I have seen so many problems with properties where either the Landlord or their agent had not checked the property only to find huge problems when the tenants move out at the end of the tenancy.

The property inspection is there to check over the property and is for the benefit of both the Landlord and tenant. From the Landlords perspective it is a chance to check the property is being looked after, make sure that the correct tenants are living there and pick up on any small maintenance jobs that can be fixed before they develop into bigger problems. For the tenants it’s a great time to mention any nagging problems that they hadn’t yet got round to reporting and are also a good sign that the Landlord or their agent care about the condition of the property and making sure that it stays a nice place for them to live.

Assuming that there are no concerns over the tenancy then you should make sure that inspections are carried out at 3 to 6 monthly intervals. If there are any problems in the tenancy or issues requiring attention, then you would want to be inspecting more frequently but all things being well this strikes a good balance between giving the tenant quiet enjoyment of the property and not leaving things too long between inspections.

If you have a letting agent managing the property for you then you should expect to receive a written copy of the inspection report giving an overall summary and a breakdown room by room of how the property is looking, any issues requiring attention and containing pictures. If you don’t remember receiving a copy of any inspection report then get in contact with your letting agent to check that the inspections are being carried out as sadly not all agents are as diligent in carrying these out as they should be.

Finally, if you are carrying out inspections on the property yourself then how much notice should you be giving your tenant? You will need to notify your tenant at least 24 hours in advance of your proposed inspection time but to avoid looking like you are trying to carry out a surprise inspection it would be better to try and give them more like a weeks’ notice.   

If you need any advice at all regarding property inspections or have any concerns relating to your current inspections or lack of them that you would like to talk over then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01332 30 30 30.