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Choosing a Letting Agent


20 Questions to ask a potential Derby or Burton-on-Trent letting agent before you appoint them…

When choosing a letting agent to let and manage your property In Derby or Burton-on-Trent – probably one of the most valuable assets you own – you need to be sure that they know what they are doing!

A letting agent should have only 2 priorities.

Firstly, they need to show that they are maximising the potential value of your asset.

This includes things like achieving the highest market rent, keeping void periods to a minimum, carrying out proper tenant referencing, preparing detailed photographic inventories and inspecting the property regularly.

Secondly, the agent should always be keeping the landlord compliant and the property safe by adhering to the 150 plus rules and regulations that govern the private rental sector!

The video asks 20 questions you should ask a potential agent which are then answered by lettings expert, Daren Cope.

Don’t put your property into the hands of someone who will not look after it properly. The consequences can be disastrous and  financial penalties severe.