Professional Properties

Festive Opening Hours


Please take note of our opening hours over the festive period.

If you do have a maintenance issue, please log the details through PropertyFile by clicking HERE.

We wish to advise you of the procedures should an emergency arise when our offices are closed over the Christmas and New Year period.

It is particularly important, with the unprecedented cold spells we have experienced over the last few years, to ensure that adequate steps are taken to prevent any burst pipes. If you are aware that your landlord has a Homecare contract with British Gas or another company then please ensure you have their emergency contact number and policy number close at hand.

Please set your central heating to come on twice every 24 hours for at least four hours each time, in the hope of ensuring your property and the pipes within will not freeze. If you have a frost setting on your boiler, then please use this.

If you are away over the Christmas period then please ensure the above steps are taken, and please advise us if your break extends over seven days.

Best wishes,

From all of us at Professional Properties