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Professional Properties offer a varied choice of properties to rent in Derby and Burton-on-Trent that will suit each individual requirement and our detailed Property Search facility will help you match our portfolio of available properties to your needs.

Our management team have over 60 years combined experience in finding quality rental properties and looking after each tenant we place in every property.

The key for a successful tenancy is to match the right tenant to the right property. The time taken to ensure that a property fully meets a tenant’s requirements is time well spent and our experienced staff will ensure that your criteria is discussed in great detail.

Professional Properties offer help and advice during every step of the letting process from the initial property search to the day you move in! Please feel free to contact our property letting experts who will be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding the lettings process.

We accompany all prospective tenants at viewings and will discuss with you details of all the necessary paperwork. With our managed service, we also accompany each tenant at the property on the day of move in which enables us to go through the property inventory and answer any questions that may arise.

Professional Properties insist that Tenants Insurance is in place before any the start of every tenancy. We can offer extremely competitive rates through Let Alliance, our business partner specialising in Tenants Insurance.

Tenants looking for a new home can register their requirements with ‘Property Alerts’ and be the first to be notified of new properties as they become available. Simply let us know a few basic requirements and the latest property details will be sent to your inbox.


Step 1: Find a Property

Narrow your search
  • Think about the location you’d like to live in
  • Consider your ‘must have’ list – what do you really want?
  • What’s your budget? Would you pay more for the right property?
  • How long do you need the accommodation for?
  • When would you like to move in?

Step 2: Secure the Property

  • The rental market moves much faster than the sales market so if you find your ideal property, you may have to act quickly to secure it.
  • We recommend always being prepared with the relevant documents such as a form of identification and confirmation of your address.
  • Once you have found the right flat or house you’ll need to pay your application fee and start the ball rolling.
  • Unlike some agents, Professional Properties do not take a deposit to secure the property at this stage.

Step 3: Credit & Reference Checks

  • You will probably be asked to give references to your prospective landlord to confirm that you have rented in the past without any major problems.
  • As part of this process you may also be asked to provide further details such as bank statements or an accounts reference.

Step 4: The Deposit

  • The deposit is held as the landlord’s cover for any excessive damages that need to be repaired at the end of the tenancy.
  • If Professional Properties are managing the property on behalf of the landlord, the deposit will be registered with The Deposit Protection Scheme.
  • However, if the landlord manages the property themselves, we will inform you which deposit scheme the landlord will be using and the terms and conditions of that scheme will form part of your Tenancy Agreement.

Step 5: Sign the Tenancy Agreement

  • The Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding document that sets out the terms of the tenancy and is drawn up to ensure the rights and obligations of both the tenant and the landlord are adhered to.
  • All relevant parties will be asked to sign this document, which agrees the responsibilities of the landlord and tenant.
  • The date on which the contract starts will become your rent due date; the date on which your rent must be paid.

Step 6: Safety Certificates and Insurance

  • As a professional letting agent, it is our duty to keep up-to-date with the latest lettings industry legislation. That means we can advise all our landlords on their legal responsibilities for keeping their tenants safe from harm, by making sure their property and its contents (if furnished) meet the UK’s legal standards.
  • Having Accidental Damage cover before you move into a property is compulsory. Professional Properties can arrange cover if required on your behalf.

Step 7: Moving in Day

  • Our team will draw up your tenancy agreement and other important documentation. You will also be issued with a ‘moving in’ invoice for payment on or before the moving in date.
  • With your references, paperwork and invoices complete, it’s time to move in!
  • One of Professional Properties’ agents will accompany you at the Move In to ensure that there are no last minute issues and they will also go through the Property Inventory with you, if applicable. The inventory is a detailed list of the contents and the condition of the property at the point that you movie into it. With both parties agreeing that the inventory is correct at the start of the tenancy, any risk of disputes at the end of the tenancy will be minimal. We recommend that you thoroughly check the inventory before you sign it.
  • Remember to inform your utility provider and the local council of your move.