Meet Our Team

We’re a passionate & hard-working team committed to our goal of getting our clients the very best price for their home whilst making the process of moving as easy and stress-free as possible.

Andrew Sanderson


Favourite Film? “Heat. Al Pacino & Robert De Niro, it’s an absolute classic!”

Favourite Music? “Anything by ‘The Killers’.”

Hobbies? “Watching NBA basketball and in the unlikely event of having any free time playing golf!”

What do I love about my job? “Having created an environment where everyone is committed to personal development and reaching their full potential.”

Kathryn Sanderson


Favourite Film? “I prefer boxsets to films. Favourites are ‘Made in Chelsea’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’.”

Favourite Music? “Cheesy pop!!”

Hobbies? “Going to the gym and shopping.”

What do I love about my job? “Working as part of a great team that really puts our customers first.”

Ben Dunn

Sales Manager

Favourite Film? “The Fast & Furious franchise.”

Favourite Music? “I like most things in the charts.”

Hobbies?  “Playing football and watching most sports.”

What do I love about my job? “The variety, the fast pace and meeting people to help them find their new homes.”

Ellie Trevelyan

Property Consultant

Favourite Film? “Burlesque!”

Favourite Music? “A wide variety but I do like Abba!”

Hobbies?  “Going to the gym & walking my dog!”

What do I love about my job? “Meeting new people every day & the satisfaction of helping someone find a new home”

Sarah Oldham

Executive Assistant

Favourite Film? “I can watch Dirty Dancing over and over again!”

Favourite Music? “Coldplay!”

Hobbies? “Going for days out with the family.”

What do I love about my job? “The satisfaction of knowing I’ve helped someone move home.”

Pav Purewal

Sales Progressor

Favourite Film? “The Harry Potter Films.”

Favourite Music? “Indian music.”

Hobbies? “Socialising with friends and going shopping.”

What do I love about my job? “Guiding people through what can be a stressful process and seeing the smiles on their faces when they come to collect the keys to their new home!”

Jack & Archie Sanderson

The Future Bosses!

Favourite TV Programmes? “Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and The Lion Guard.”

Favourite Drink? “Milk and Fruit Shoots.”

Hobbies? “Jumping on the trampoline, playing with our toys and going to soft plays.”

What do we love about visiting the office? “The office chairs have wheels on!”